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We must be energetic and enthusiastic during instruction! Our kids need playful education!

Students will absolutely love creating hilarious dances that help them understand and retain academic subject matter!

SWIPE UP to follow along with TODAY’S PRESENTATION


Movement integration will recruit intrest, build opportunity for sustained effort + persistence, and scope for self-regulation.


Integrating dance + arts will increase perception, codification of language + symbols, and overall comprehension.

Action + Expression

Physical action lends itself to artistic expression + communication through movement. Executive function is a natural outcome of studying the arts.

How fun is this….CLick here for Popular African Dance Moves to show off during circle time. Just make sure you pick the appropriate ones!

Long-term dance practice positively affects brain activity.

Click here for the brainiac research…LaviniaTeixeira-Machado, Ricardo MarioArida, Jairde Jesus Mari

It’s the things we play with and the people who help us play that make a great difference in our lives.

Fred Rogers
  • Symmetrical Motions
  • Alternating Motions
  • Reflective Motions


  • Join us! It’s going to be so fun, you’ll feel great. It’s going to help you get your homework done quickly!
  • What are you studying? Biology? Math? Storms? Stories?
  • How can we teach that to an audience?

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